Transhold Systems® brings to you a revolutionary tie down system for utes, trailers and marine vehicles.
Designed for tying down any where you want to using either the ratchet load binder or the new design patented Rope Grip® system
Around 20 years ago an old horticulturist, come farmer, was using his ute and trailer a lot and became frustrated about not being able to easily and securely tie down his load, so he set out to develop a system that enabled him to quickly and simply do the job. Hundreds of hours later (not to mention dollars and proto types) he came up with this futuristic design that helps anybody tie down their load using the patented rope grip system, or ratchet tie down. No fancy rope loops or knots needed as the rope is gripped at each tie down point. Fast and easy to use, one rope is all that is needed, and with the ratchet tie down you can now secure your load anywhere you need to.




Why are "Rope Grips" better than traditional rope hooks?


Do you remember trying to tie down your load with a rope only to lose the tension when you threw the rope back over your load?

Or do you only use ratchet tie downs to tie down your load becouse ropes are too tricky?


With "Rope Grips" these problems disappear. After pulling down on your rope to tighten it, just slip it up into the "Rope Grip" and your load stays tight...... you can completely let go with no need to tie any knots!!!


These are some of the key points:


1. "Rope Grips" hold the rope tension at every point of tying down.

2. It is easy to align the rope to your load without losing any tension.

3. No rope tying expertise is needed. Anybody can successfully tie down a load

4. One person can easily secure a load without losing rope tension.

5. If a load does shift at one point, the remainder of the load remains secure.

6.You will not lose tension on all of your load when you are only unloading part of it.

7. All of the above can be done with only 1 rope!!!

How are they mounted?


Every set of "Rope Grips" comes with a full set of mounting instructions, but while you are here, we will give you the idea.

It is really very simple...... they are always attached to your vehicle by a M6 bolt, washer and nylock nut. Just position the "Rope Grip" where you want it, mark the hole with a pen and drill a 6mm hole through which to place the bolt and secure the washer and nut behind..... job tidy.

Should you feel a little nervous of drilling holes in your car (which is fine because I was the first time too) then your local mechanic or engineer would normally be happy to help out.

How much tension can they take?


The RopeGrips for mounting on utes as pictued,  have been ceritfied in New Zealand to take 215kgs each. That means that when you have a standard set of 8 RopeGrips on your ute, you can secure over 1750kgs. However our advice is to take things carefully as you are responsible for the sceurity of your load.

Where can they be mounted?


The images in our gallery give some examples of the most common uses, but it comes down to your imagination. I have seen them used in conjunction with pulleys to hoist objects up to the roof then held securely with a "Rope Grip", or mount an individual one next to your bar, they make fantasitc fast and easy beer bottle openers.

If you are looking for a quick, easy and safe way to tie down you load, then you will be pleased with the decision to purchase a set of "Rope Grips"