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  • No order shall be binding, at the seller's option, if the buyer has not accepted in writing the seller's terms and conditions.


    Due for Payment

    For all purchases payment is before dispatch.


    Enforcement Costs

    The buyer shall be liable for and shall indemnify the seller in respect of any expenses incurred, including costs of a solicitor /client basis, in order to enforce payment of over due accounts.


    Ownership of Goods

    The seller shall retain ownership in the goods until it receives payment in full of all amounts owed by the buyer.

    Until the seller has received payment in full, the buyer shall hold or deal with the goods for and on behalf of the seller and in every respect as a fiduciary

    Until the seller has received payment in full the seller shall own all proceeds of the sale by the buyer of the goods whether those proceeds are held in a separate account by the buyer or not,

    The seller hereby grants to the buyer the authority to deal with the goods and sell them at full market value in the ordinary course of its business provided that the proceeds of such sale are held as specified in this Clause .3, and provided that upon payment being due in accordance with Clause 1 and unpaid, the seller may immediatley withdraw the authority granted hereunder.



    Until payment in full is received the seller may without prejudice to any of its other rights and remedies, repossess any of the goods whether or not payment may have been received for same.

    The seller shall incur no liability arising as a consequence of repossession and the buyer hereby indemnifies the seller for any such alleged liability.

    The buyer shall pay all costs incurred by the seller in respect of such repossession.



    Unless specified otherwise, all products are sold, dispatched and transported at the buyer’s risk and uninsured. Claims for in transit damage or pilferage can be made to the carrier concerned. Claims regarding quality or supply errors must be made to Trans-hold Systems Ltd within 7 days of receipt of goods. Claims for all products damaged in transit must be made within 24 hours and signed for as “DAMAGED”. If transit notes are signed for in good condition, no claims will be accepted.



    We warrant the goods to be sound and in good condition at the time of dispatch.



    We normally expect to dispatch within 2 days of reciving payment, however if there is a hold up due to out of stock we will inform you at the earliest possiable moment. 



    All prices are GST exclusive